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What is LearningFREQUENCY?
LearningFREQUENCY is an initiative aimed at understanding and measuring student engagement in a unique way. We help students explore how they engage with learning both inside and outside the classroom.
How does the FREQUENCY-BOT work?
The FREQUENCY-BOT is a visual representation of a student’s engagement profile, generated through responses to our proprietary questionnaire. It’s a tool that brings abstract data to life, making it relatable and understandable.
Do you use AI or algorithms to create the FREQUENCY-BOT?
No, the FREQUENCY-BOT is based solely on students' responses to our survey. It reflects human experiences and preferences without the intervention of artificial intelligence.
What's the importance of a student owning their FREQUENCY-BOT?
Owning your FREQUENCY-BOT means owning your learning journey and the data associated with it. It empowers students to take charge of their educational narrative and ensures their learning experiences are kept private and personal.
How can teachers use this information?
Teachers can view a dashboard with their students’ individual FREQUENCY-BOTs, receiving tailored recommendations based on the engagement profile of their class. This helps educators create a learning environment that resonates with every student.
How does this approach differ from the traditional school of thought that promoted rigid learning styles?
Instead of typecasting students into fixed categories, our approach recognizes the dynamic nature of learning. We emphasize reflection, meta-cognition, and individual growth, ensuring students aren’t confined to narrow labels.
Why is it important to measure engagement?
Engagement is a key driver of meaningful learning experiences. By understanding how a student engages, we can tailor educational methods to resonate better, making learning more impactful and enjoyable.
Can this tool integrate with other educational technologies?
While the FREQUENCY-BOT does not utilize any AI technology, its data driven insights can guide tech integrations, making ed-tech solutions more student-centric and effective.
Is the methodology behind LearningFREQUENCY research-backed?
Yes, our methodology is adapted from peer-reviewed research and has undergone extensive field-testing and validation in educational environments.
How can I get involved or collaborate with LearningFREQUENCY?
We're always excited to work with forward-thinking educators, institutions, and tech innovators. Please reach out through the email link in the footer for collaboration opportunities.