Our mission is to help students develop a love for learning by transforming the way we understand, measure and increase engagement in and out of the classroom. We believe this leads to more thoughtful learners with greater learning outcomes.
At LearningFREQUENCY we create a path for students to have a deeper understanding of how they learn, wherever they learn, and to empower them to make the best decisions for their own learning journey.
LearningFREQUENCY is an innovative venture reshaping how we understand and measure learning engagement. We visualize students’ unique data into a FREQUENCY-BOT which takes their responses to a proprietary engagement survey and brings it to life.

How It Works?

Step 1: Survey

Students take a short interactive survey that asks them questions about how they prefer to engage with learning on and offline.

Step 2: LF BOT

The survey, based on proprietary research, then generates a personalized FREQUENCY-BOT with unique attributes based on their individual learning and engagement profile.

Step 3: OWN

A student then owns their FREQUENCY-BOT and can bring it with them on their learning journey into different learning environments throughout the LearningFREQUENCY ecosystem.

Step 4: Track

Each student has their own dashboard to self-report as they learn, helping them track their engagement and receive personalized recommendations based on these insights. This dashboard is also accessible to teachers and parents.

Step 5: Personalization

In schools, teachers will have a dashboard of their students’ individual FREQUENCY-BOT and engagement preferences alongside recommendations to create optimized personal learning experiences.

Benefits of Our Approach

LearningFREQUENCY believes that who we are as learners changes and evolves over time, so your FREQUENCY-BOT will grow with you and reflect that. Our work is predicated on the fact that students greatly benefit from thinking about how they learn and that a broader approach that invites students to reflect on their learning, rather than being typecast into a narrowly defined learning style, has been shown to improve learning outcomes. (Ambrose et al, 2010 and Kaplan et al 2013)
Student: “I know my learning preferences because that’s myself. I learn while doing it. Sometimes [my preferences] stay the same, sometimes they change.”
Learner Empowerment
Individualized Learning Pathways
Future-Ready Skills

Learner Empowerment

We enable students to understand and own their unique learning profiles, fostering self-confidence and autonomy.
Teacher: “If you know your learning preferences and how you engage, you are hyper efficient and learn what you enjoy. If they don’t know, they stall and nothing gets learned. Knowing means they can fall back on what they like and enjoy just to get started, which is huge. Knowing ‘I need a quiet area’ or ‘I need an area I can talk, then I can get to deeper learning and thinking,’ is huge.”

Our Unique Methodology

LearningFREQUENCY's peer reviewed adapted methodology breaks down engagement into seven distinct levels, each acting as a stepping stone towards a deeper, more personalized student engagement experience. It's not just about time and attention—it's about understanding the intricacies of each student’s journey.
In collaboration with Clara Brown Entrepreneurial Academy (CBEA) and multiple digital learning environments, we've implemented our methodology and are actively transforming how we evaluate learning. Our pioneering research is leading the way in bridging the divide between on and offline learning spaces, and placing the ownership of learning insights squarely in the hands of students.

Join the Journey

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